Milwaukee Lion and the Trapper’s Theory

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Milwaukee Lion and the Trapper’s Theory

There’s a theory a trapper of urban wildlife has about the lion seen in Milwaukee this week: that the cats’ territorial boundaries are changing, and the big cat is probably leaving the area soon because they move about 25 miles a day…he also mentions it looks like a “female African lion”.

But he does not work this evident fact into the of animal migration theory, because the cat in the videos certainly does look like a female African lion. It’s heavier built than a cougar.

I thought maybe someone had bought it, and it was pregnant and they didn’t know it, and they abandoned the mother and baby because that’s a lot of lions. Or, one was let loose a long time ago, mated with a cougar, and that cub is a new little species

Europe’s Tarot Cards

Wondering about whether Greece would be out of the EU, which was beginning to feel like when you cast away someone in your tribe, a bad-feeling kind of action, I asked the tarot, what was in Europe’s best interest regarding Greece? And it said, “better financially and in every business way, to keep them in.”

In my July newsletter, I wrote, “A lot of second chances are granted in July. (Although when I psychically wondered about Greece last week, it looked like they were off on their own.)” I can see how I would have thought that, but Europe would probably see it as potentially too destabilizing for there to be no deal.

UPDATE: I just read a shocking article about German-led countries forming a coup against Greece; taking its resources – that fits with the financial motivation dominating the cards. They should say Oxni! We would all have to pony up and help Greece. We wouldn’t want democracy to begin and end in Greece.

Article about coup:

Menu for July 19th Fundraiser with Renowned Oaxacan Chef

Look at this super-fabulous 5 course menu with wine pairings you could be enjoying in Santa Fe, July 19th at Cafe Fina, the site of extraordinary culinary events right on the edge of town that’s also convenient to El Dorado.

The chef is Susana Trilling of Seasons of My Heart Cooking School. Besides being an internationally renowned Oaxacan chef, she if also a very fun person to take an adventure with if you like to combine learning, cooking, and traveling to magical places. Check out her website!


Traditional Oaxacan Meal Prepared by Renowned Chef, Susana Trilling

Sunday, July19th, 5:30pm at Café Fina 624 Old Las Vegas Hwy, Santa Fe

Five Courses of Traditional Oaxacan Cuisine with Hors d’Oeuvres and Wine Pairings


Pipian with Oaxacan Totopos

· Belgian Endive with Ginger, Cheese and

Chile Canario Jelly

· Panuchos

· Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal

· Chayote Bisque

· Milpa Salad

· Black Mole with Duck

· Yellow Mole with Oyster Mushrooms

· Rice with Chepil

· Crepes Stuffed with Farmers Cheese in a

Peach and Mezcal Sauce

· Oaxacan Chocolate Truffles

· Pluma Hidalgo Coffee

· Poleo Tea Thanks to our generous sponsor Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal from Oaxaca!

Make Your Reservation Today!
$100 Per Person + Tax and Gratuity. Proceeds Will Help Sponsor Students Travel Programs.

Call: (505) 982-0733 Ext.6 · Email:

About The Street Food Institute Abroad Program

SFI Abroad allows students to participate in an immersion-learning experience designed to broaden their culinary knowledge and skills. Students study the cuisines, foods and skills of street food vendors in other countries. They spend their days with celebrated culinary experts in their country of study learning to cook the classic dishes of the region, and experiencing firsthand the street food culture.

Psychic Call-in Radio Show Today on KVSF 101.5

Richard Eeds is hosting another “Psychic Tuesday Tune-Up with Elissa Heyman” this morning, 9-10 am on KVSF 101.5, and online here. If I were really, really psychic I would tell you what we’re going to talk about. Meanwhile, call in with your question, I’ll give you a psychic answer: 505-424-4550 between 9 and 10 am.

Elissa’s July 2015 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A lot of you have reported how you’re baking away, wherever you are, and here in Santa Fe, it’s been refreshingly rainy. Last weekend I had the chance to meander through rural and wild New Mexico, and everything is oh so green! I was on my way to Chaco Canyon, the Anasazi site that was a meeting place for people coming from all directions, where they had what amounts to a grand hotel for the visitors. They came to trade and do ceremonies and celebrate – it was Party Central in the ancient world!

On the Summer Solstice, the park service lets in a 100 people to observe the rising sun phenomenon, the engineering feat where a shaft of light shines through the East window of the ceremonial kiva.

Walking up to the kiva, which sits high on a rise and right in the middle of the canyon, only me and the other straggler, a Native American young man, seemed to notice a ways off, the tree full of turkey vultures. Its bare branches were loaded with the very, very big black birds.

After a few minutes of craning at the kiva floor, the expectant crowd of tourists began to disperse and complain about what a non-event the summer solstice turned out to be. A cloud had come up, covering the sun, and there was no “dagger of light” through the window.

I’ll bet anything that the original occupants would have taken it as a sign – as information – and not just that their expectations weren’t met. Between the vultures and the clouds, they would probably have not seen it as a thumbs-up from the Sun about peace and prosperity that Summer.

Time for Santa Feans to get their dancing shoes on! It’s the super-entertaining month of July and there will be African bands on the hill at St John’s College, dancing in the evenings on the plaza at the bandstand; the Taos powwow is coming up, and musicians from all over the world will be at the International Folk Art Market next weekend. I hope wherever you are, you can engage with the spirit of your place and hunt up some fun!

Events in Santa Fe:

July 7th: Psychic Tune-Up Tuesday with Elissa Heyman on the Richard Eeds show on KVSF 101.5, the Voice of Santa Fe! Tune in or listen online here from 9-10 am Mountain Time. Richard presents an amazing variety of subjects and people relevant to Santa Fe and beyond, every Monday through Friday, 7 to 11 am. But if you want a psychic answer to your question, call in the first Tuesday of the month, 505-424-4550.

July 11th: Santa Fe Healing and Intuition Circle. Details here. This circle is almost full. For reservations: 505-982-3294 or

Every Monday on Your weekly psychic horoscope podcast, with music by Kenny Payson and Tongue and Groove! Listen here, and the text is available online, too.

New Article, Joyfully Alone” in the Joy issue of Evolving Magazine, around town and online here. It’s probably not what you think it’s about.

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July 2015 Psychic Predictions and Insights

“Bring Back the Truth!”

July can be a revelatory month, sandwiched in between two full moons that bring to light so much more than usual.

July pulls no punches and shows people a lot of inescapable realities. In a person’s own life, what’s unsustainable very likely just stops working. Many changes go on and much ground is covered.

July 2015 Speaking Stones: The stone that’s left out of the design represents women and “doing the right thing”, i.e. what is nurturing and supports life. Translation: in July, all hell can break loose, but like June, when nine black people were gunned down in Charleston causing the U.S. to remove the Confederate flag everywhere, destructive acts will have consequences.

July events are created by the karma of what’s hidden, and when what’s hidden is the emerging collective need for truth and light, this is a positive event, such as a groundswell of united citizens.

Also, there was a suggestion of big slaughters and some countries fall apart, and people are absorbed into other places.

People receive more actionable news and confirmation of support the second half of the month. A lot of second chances are granted in July. (Although when I psychically wondered about Greece last week, it looked like they were off on their own.)

People have little use for the brakes in July, and things are likely to happen that set them off. People who are lukewarm about issues might get red-hot.

Last week I was experimenting with podcast features, such as the “word for the day”. It got freaky when I got to July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, the words respectively being: “news of attack”; “weird”; and “questions”. Sounds like a strange 4th of July if there’s anything to that.

War planet Mars and revolutionary Pluto are active around the new moon July 15th. This means violence and aggression in the hands of some; revolution in the hands of others; and in the hearts and minds of individuals engaged in their private challenges, a wake-up call about what’s needed to move forward.

Spiritual Guidance for Personal Improvement and an Enlightening Month: Make July “The Better Self-Management Month,” and don’t push yourself to your limits. Those two full moons this on the first and last day of the month signify that pressurized things can pop! Your body needs more support than usual. Show it love with regular physical maintenance routines.

From the Heart: The best use of your time in July is to make sure you’re not investing in things you don’t really enjoy and that don’t bring you happiness. There is the strong potential to make headway in planning and making something happen that’s truly fulfilling. Therefore, be very picky about what you choose, especially if it might go on for a long time. You’re never going to know for sure how things are going to turn out; all you can do is use your instincts to seek out harmony and joy and go for what you think will make you happy.

Possible bummer: Change for the better and getting what you want can involve taking a material loss. Another way to lose is to put faith in structure that obviously needs a make-over.

For the Lovelorn: There’s an opportunity to learn more deeply about where you stand with relationships in between these two full moons of July. Whatever you need to know is revealed now, that can put you at peace about relationships, and aware of your progress. Ask to accept whatever you need to, and look at any relevant truth on the way to fulfilling personal relationships.

July highlights leadership: Leaders of the world feel the most intense responsibility ever with the stakes so high. In the United States, in light of the presidential candidates’ official actions towards the earth, the skies, the people and the animals, there is only one leader who consistently demonstrates responsibility, and that’s Bernie Sanders. If the 99% read his 35 year voting record and presidential agenda, and then vote their interests, they will be taking the opportunity to live in a truly democratic country.

Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: You can be stressed out this month because of things you want to accomplish, or ideas that must be tried yet prove to be quite a challenge. However, you want to see what can work and need to accept the stress. There’s also a tendency to try to do too much of everything. Stop it! And stop eating excessively, or anything else that burdens you unnecessarily. Your body will give you signs it can’t take it.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Bam! Something is completely understood, arranged, and accepted that works well for you, and peace of mind is yours for figuring out this better way of doing things.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Whatever it is that you’re working on, it looks like it gives you another idea. Some success or possibility you see really gets you excited and willing to commit…November is an important month in regard to whatever you’re thinking about now.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: You’re excited about a new beginning, but because of constraints or human limits, you have to consider what kind of new beginning you can have. You know you’re going towards something more powerful in trying whatever it is you’re trying to do this month; you’re seeing what can be done and are changing your mind quite a bit. Carry on!

Psychic Call-in Radio Show Today on KVSF 101.5

Psychic Call-in Radio Show Today on KVSF 101.5

Richard Eeds is hosting another “Psychic Tuesday Tune-Up with Elissa Heyman” this morning, 9-10 am on KVSF 101.5, and online here. If I were really, really psychic I would tell you what we’re going to talk about. Meanwhile, call in with your question, I’ll give you a psychic answer: 505-424-4550 between 9 and 10 am.

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