California Circle and Eclipse Season Messages April 2014

Eclipse Season April 2014
Eclipse Season April 2014

Last weekend I did a couple of circles in Sonoma County, California with entrepreneurial types—people who have built up some way to live that suits them. I noticed it inspired others to be around “artists on their own path”, doing their own thing, emboldening everyone with their example.

We asked about the eclipse, and it showed as having a positive impact, in that it facilitated strong breakthroughs in understanding and an individual’s ability to move forward. Compared to six months ago when we had met last, people recognized they were assembled in a happier place, and freer. Look back and see if you’re lighter than you were six months ago, and feeling better adjusted! If so, it’s likely that going forward this year, shifts in consciousness will happen with greater ease, and create greater ease.

Here are a few more eclipse season messages:

If this time creates pressure, then the Universe is telling you to divest yourself of something that’s too heavy to carry into the future.

Challenges at work bring greater self-confidence now: accept the challenges that come with new opportunities.

Say goodbye to the past, it wants to be left right here, in between these two eclipses, so on the next eclipse, April 29th with a new moon in Taurus, you are grounded in the brighter self that stepped forth from the last full moon.

Announcing SANTA FE CIRCLE: Women’s circle Friday night April 18th, 7 pm, at 227 East Palace.Open circle on April 22nd is cancelled. For details go to For reservations, email

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