The Power of this Mercury Retrograde, February 23rd-March 17th 2013

Mercury Retrograde February 2013
Mercury Retrograde February 2013

Mercury retrograde watchers think in terms of the pros and cons of each Mercury retrograde. What’s the good and the bad of this one, beginning today and ending on St. Patrick’s Day?

Does the outside world seem to be slowing down or snarling? Both are likely with this Mercury retrograde that officially begins today. Whatever you do, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Don’t buy equipment related to electronics or transportation, buy someone’s story without investigating it, or sign a contract, either.

Yet the planets’ positions (Moon in Leo trine Uranus) mean it can be a three week cycle of emotional breakthroughs and spiritual growth. So much can be learned about oneself now if you let yourself dwell and grow is your inner, personal world.

It’s harder to make things happen and take off in the outer world, there are a lot of “messy order” prototypes in the atmosphere. It’s one of those strength and faith-building times as you work on what you can to move your projects forward.

There’s always a strong “re-do” aspect to these cycles. Mercury retrograde in Pisces challenges all deeply-grooved, old and limiting beliefs, which can more easily surface. Let any such emergence be an opportunity to re-frame your viewpoint. Get in touch with the perspective of your healed and healthy self. (To talk to your “healed and healthy self”, try the guided imagery exercise, The Light Within.)

These same celestial forces, if a person lacks self-discipline, can amplify eccentricities and acting out—anger rises easily now. Acting out of anger can have major consequences. It can put one on a hard path in uncertain times.

What’s this three week Mercury retrograde good for? Learning more about yourself, growing emotionally, and developing self-trust.

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