Curious Message re Fiscal Cliff negotiations

Curious Message re Fiscal Cliff negotiations

This morning looking at the news about fiscal cliff negotiations with President Obama, I got this kinda disturbing message–was it real? I’m so curious to find out…it was:

“Lies lies lies, the powers that be will try to keep everything going and do deals through lies. There is naked ambition and powerful will meeting a changing foundation, and all will be lost if they balk (balk at going with the changing foundation, not aligning with the collective sentiment to make a deal.) To balk is to not scale a wall put in front of fixed people, fixed on the earth, on money, on what is tangible. What makes people lift their eyes to a different level? Nothing. Only the larger power center pulling away from what is fixed, does the trick.”

This would portend no deal. Before I got this message, I had (and still do) every expectation both from divination and common sense, that President Obama cutting short his vacation to make a deal today, will yield a deal. It’s a deal that could still bring economic hardship and contraction, but it would be like declaring war for a deal to not go through.

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