A Glimpse of 2013–Something New in the Collective Consciousness

In my practice of spiritual development, working in a circle and getting omens for the day, I had a fleeting encounter with the spirit of 2013. It was right around the new moon in Scorpio solar eclipse, which could reveal something about what lay beyond changes.

How surprisingly relaxed it was! It was much less stressed than now, more in touch with the art of life, it looked like, than the struggle. I ran to get my recorder, which was too bad: never interrupt the flow of those sorts of moments of recognition of something new, by trying to record it… I lost the vibration, and no longer was on it, and couldn’t recreate the exact channel back in my circle.

What I recall about its momentary flash was a simple, lyrical, lighter way of being that people could become. It was foreign-feeling to me, like “what a surprise.” People are more willing to start over, to make something better. Even those who have a lot of loss, it’s not a feeling that is sustained the whole year. If something very heavy has happened and you’re having to rebuild, by October there’s a breakthrough, you stand on a new foundation, more in the present, and in the sun.