An Old Prediction and the Libor Scandal

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An Old Prediction and the Libor Scandal

Psychic flashes can have a particular tenor and feel that I find fascinating. I mull over them and wonder why did they come then? Why was I shown this and not some other circumstance?

There’s one prediction about a “big trial” involving the U.S. government that I’ve thought about alot, because it never happened, and also, the rest of the sentence (from January 2006 newsletter) was about a collective sense that “justice was done”, followed by a big economic contraction. At the time I was much more invested in the stock market, and made a mental note to self note to forget this prediction in case such big trial came around.

Now seeing headlines about the U.S. preparing a case against Libor, I wonder if it is this trial?
Which would make 2012-2013 witness even more breakdowns of the financial structures getting so battered now. The wrecking ball of collective consciousness is swinging viciously at its own infrastructure…new consciousness is bursting through all the old skins, and the internet will let us watch as it happens.
I heard from an astrologer that next Tuesday there’s a Mars aspect that makes it easy to get mad…maybe people giantly mad at the scope of what a few people could do to affect so many, will make a big difference now.

How Mercury and Uranus retrograde impact your life this July

People are generally apprehensive about retrograde planets as they are associated with various snafus. But retrogrades can also be helpful, impelling us to get things into better shape and order. This is an update to the July 2012 newsletter, to share how upcoming planetary activity boosts our dreams and schemes:
There are a few personal improvements to expect during this Mercury retrograde in Leo period, July 14-August 8. You’ll be upgrading your self-image and how you treat your own self. This tendency manifests in finding better ways to suit yourself, and do things in harmony with your true nature.

If there’s something you’re trying to get off the ground, you’ll be helped by this week’s cluster of celestial catalysts (July 13-14 Uranus goes retrograde and Mercury goes retrograde, followed immediately by Moon conjunct Jupiter). These planetary dynamics can make it startlingly clear what needs to be done to further your personal vision. In general, a lot of repair work is going on now, so expect delays, but all for a good cause, your new and improved self.

Breakthroughs to greater emotional freedom: This is when new ways to free yourself can present themselves, and you are likely to get better help and on your own, deeper insights. The forces of nature support breaking free into new emotional territory. Finding better ways to communicate will naturally occur.

Preceding Mercury by a day, Uranus goes retrograde on Friday the 13th. It will be bringing into being things that require an extra jolt of energy. Are you almost out the door, or almost committed? Your chances of going all the way are about to increase.

Re relationships, dreams, and schemes: you’ll be shown what does and doesn’t work, and the most successful modus operandi at all times with all relationships is “keep it light.Here’s a Summer Love Spell with some guidelines about how please yourself and others this Summer:

“Grin ear to ear about whatever’s dear to whomever’s near.
Do not delay your pleasure,
Be full measure.
Relationships flower when you leave out the sour.”

Tuning into the Big Picture: An excitement of mental energy is charging the air of our collective consciousness.A mighty conflagration of ideas is going on all over the planet. It’s an explosive, exciting time for collaborations which will be rife with synchronicities. On an individual level, this can be manifest in people more easily finding partners as well as ways to expand and enlarge their lives. Even pets are running into more interesting situations.

Personal psychic astrology soundbite: The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) learn to modulate the activity in their life, and that for now it’s better to advance in small ways. The fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) experience their own unfettered energy which bursts forth on its own. The air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) learn better to balance all that is going on in their world. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) find that not much from their former life needs to go with them into the future.

Santa Fe Week of Cultural Delights

Hot pink hollyhocks are blooming downtown, apricots and cherries are dropping from the trees, and this week in Santa Fe, people too will be delighting everyone’s senses with a multitude of rich cultural offerings.

Beginning in the surrounding areas, Taos Pueblo hosts their annual powwow and trade fair on their most beautiful powwow grounds a little north of town, July 12th-14th. South of Santa Fe, Cochiti Pueblo holds their Sunday, July 14th annual feast day and dances and holds a trade fair.

In town on the Plaza, the Santa Fe Bandstand Concerts begin their Monday-Thursday performances through August 16th, the best free city offering in the whole Southwest. Music, dancing, schmoozing…with Monday and Wednesday noon concerts, too.

At the Railyard Plaza on Thursday, it’s the Santa Fe Folk Art Market 2012 Community Celebration, with the music of Ghanaian ensemble the African Showboyz and many more. One exciting performer after another from the upcoming Art Market, 5-9 pm and free!

And this coming weekend at the International Folk Art Market on Museum Hill, you can marvel at exotically-dressed artists from countries all over the world, eat their food, and dance to their
music, July 13-15. This extravaganza of color and beauty puts the icing on the cake of what July in Santa Fe has to offer. Buy and print tickets online at….

Your Psychic Horoscopes for July 2012

Individual messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs for July 2012 are posted in my July newsletter at

Guided Imagery to Access Your Higher Self

This guided imagery exercise takes 2-3 minutes and quickly connects you to your body’s wisdom and higher self. You can get answers to your own important questions, in the lightning-fast way intuition allows you to directly know something.

The Light Within….it’s also posted on my website with two other exercises, at

Elissa’s July 2012 Psychic Newsletter

July 2012

July 2012

Dear Friends,

Like most places this summer, it’s hotter than usual in Santa Fe. I spent the morning going around to all the big box stores, where apparently everyone else beat me to the window air conditioners. With my cool adobe walls and good cross ventilation, I’ve never needed refrigerated air until now.

With the heat I feel like talking less, writing less, and working less. Which is my July plan! If you’d like a psychic counseling and healing session, I hope you can wait until August, as I won’t be taking more appointments than are already on the books for July.

I posted my new guided imagery exercise, The Light Within, and it seems the easiest one for clients to use. I’ve been testing it with everyone in the last month, and so far either in person or over the phone, people quickly get a message from their higher self. The one feature that’s different is that there’s no background music, except for a few bars of me toning, because I couldn’t get the new Audacity version to work like the old one. Eventually I’ll figure it out…

Have a wonderful month, it’s another action-packed chapter in 2012,

Best wishes and love,

Intuitive Impressions of July and Summer 2012

Gathering Steam: If you don’t have to pay attention to the news, don’t, because the kinds of things that happen now can’t be stopped–inevitable outcomes are crashing down all around us. Both man and nature exhibit violent and unpredictable behavior.

Personal Growth: There’s not much fence-sitting going on now. I could tell from my June clients, how people seem to be willingly turning their lives upside down to accommodate something new, or leave something bad. Fear and doubt and little failures may occur…but the force is with us to persevere and honor our inner commitments.

We’ll Know What We’re Committed To: How committed are we to the positive vision we see for ourselves? If what’s fundamentally in our core is love for our dreams and creative potential, that’s what we’ll see manifest. If fear is dominant in our hearts and motivates our actions, we’re likely to see what we fear, come into being.
Ready, Set, Go: Both nature and man reach key ignition points this Summer–it may look like what ignites happens
suddenly, but what blows up now in our lives or in the world has a long history. If you’ve been working for a long time on how to create a productive, fruitful life respectful of your own rhythms, your efforts can ignite now so that you feel “set free” to be your most creative self. What ignites in you or the world now is going to make a real difference.

But Expect Delays: Powerful planetary effects this Summer promise many challenges and tests as we move forward in new directions. Everyone’s path is prone to unexpected interruptions that re-route us and change plans, revealing to all the importance of networks, connections, and friends.

Nature of Summer Opportunity: Take it NOW, it doesn’t come around like this again for awhile. Magnetize to you what’s in your heart, be thinking about what you want. There’s a lot of force in the air to make dreams come true, and opportunities must be grabbed!

Mercury retrograde: This retrograde on July 14th is mitigated by the moon conjunct Jupiter a few minutes later. It suggests that whatever needs to be understood at a deep level that leads to self-empowerment, will be revealed to you, so that you can act on it and move forward. This Mercury retrograde helps people make heartfelt choices and take a chance on themselves.
There’s more about Summer’s mood in the June 2012 newsletter..