War at the end of June?

Syria June 2012Do you have relatives in Syria? Time to get out, just like it was time to get out of Germany or Poland if you were Jewish.
This terrible war showed up early in a psychic message circle in December 2005, in a statement about how war was going to rage in Syria until the very end, meaning until the place and the people were destroyed. (posted in the Messages from other Countries section of the January 2006 newsletter.)
A couple of weeks ago in a message circle for June 2012, I scanned a calendar and said to myself when I got to the end of June, “War”.
Without knowing where war was going to break out, though, I left that comment out of the newsletter.
I hope I’m being overly dramatic and wrong about it all, but putting together that old message and recent news, I believe the end-of-June, “war” vibe alludes to civil war in Syria, where perhaps people fight until the very end and there’s nothing left.
If I had relatives there, I’d tell them to get out right now.