Venus Retrograde Manifestations in May 2012

…In answer to Kristine Fry’s question below, wondering about the impact of Venus retrograde which began May 16th and ends June 28th:
Venus retrograde signals a time to be flexible, adaptable, accepting and giving, in order for relationships and life to work out well. The retrograde also contributes to the feeling that much confusion has been cleared up by the end of the month. There’s more in the upcoming June/Summer client newsletter–I got very interesting info for June 2012 yesterday, I’ll preview some of it here. Also, previous articles mention how this Venus retrograde isn’t good for the stock market, which is plunging now.
Venus Retrograde Impressions

How a solo entrepreneur learns valuable business survival lessons, is that life is often presenting them with quickly changing circumstances that must be adapted to, addressed, or that demand personal change. It’s common to lose alot as a solo entrepreneur, and from that, learn to do things differently.
These times ahead are going to demand the entrepreneurial skill of being able to accept changing circumstances, where one isn’t doing the same old thing at the same rate for whatever reason, and also trust that change is good because it is how one grows, or manifests their dream. Eventually one can embrace the different time, the twist life took, that requires adapting to.
Love in Venus retrograde: Old relationships can reconnect in a better place, and it’s good to try again to reconnect with someone you want to be with, applying whatever you learned from being separated.

More to come!