Mystic March Messages for 2012

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Mystic March Messages for 2012

Looks Like We'll Be Surprised This Spring

Looks Like We’ll Be Surprised This Spring

Last Friday when the New Mexico sky turned midnight blue, I looked up to see the new moon, Venus and Jupiter all lined up. I walked out in their glow to the top of the east-side Santa Fe hills, and this is what came to me:

The Feminine, like an ethereal Venus in the sky, is floating over the land, settling, making herself comfortable in the hearts and minds of every dreamer, and person who pauses to reflect. “Give me the best choice” they ask. And the feminine speaks to their question, and it occurs to them what brings a sigh of relief..a letting go…a letting down of their guard, until
we’re all
Spring 2012: This Spring is a huge new beginning of a great unfolding. The spirits of the Maya dance on the silent hilltops, anticipating a tumultuous Spring of creative new ideas. The air throngs as well with beings who wish above all to ascend to a creative place. And they can! and they do, and many people change their lives, and to their own selves be true.
They turn around to teach others, and many more people move through phases rapidly to receive the wisdom that’s available, newly minted by the growing, expanding consciousnesses of so many.
We are blessed to receive what can be given to us from untold sources…that are individual growth counts, gets clearer and clearer. En masse, we leave the sea behind, and find a new kind of relaxation on shore, and a willingness to try new things.

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New moon psychic messages for what’s new with you in 2012

New Moon Messages February 2012

New Moon Messages February 2012

Besides it being Fat Tuesday and ROCKIN’ at Vanessie’s tonight with Terry Diers and company playing New Orleans music, it’s a new moon in Pisces. The signs the planets make in the sky talk about “what’s new”.

“What’s new” has the potential to establish stability.
“What’s new” can get sparked by a brilliance or genius later on…it shows a lot of potential that’s not revealed at first.
“What’s new” shows a harmony or balance between male and female forces if you are to succeed. Any project done now requires that you rest and act, rest and act–it’s no time to drive yourself to any brink or extreme. And there’s no need to: being natural in your pace and rhythm brings success.
What accompanies a new beginning is a blessing from the planet Jupiter, saying that something that begins now is likely to expand beyond its original concept.

New Moon Messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs
Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Although life is full of change and the signs around you are dreamy, you actually look like you’re solidifying your position, and having a new beginning that employs a more powerful structure and way of doing things. There’s a lot more understanding of what could develop and empower you in August. You might be in a better position than you’re aware of–many good things are beginning for you now.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Something you’re thinking about or trying to get to can take quite a long time. You can feel in some way late to the party. However, it looks like you are going in a direction that’s right for you, it’s just that it’s quite a ways to go to be in the place you’re seeking.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You might feel that the wind is being let out of your sails a little. Be careful of assuming too much good will or favorable circumstances going forward. Practice prudence: watch and learn by your own reaction, as things develop, whether something is going to be as fulfilling or successful as you like.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): “Waiting for news! Waiting for news! If you’re strong enough, it’s you they’ll choose!” Are you waiting to hear about a position? If you’re capable of doing it, they sense it, and want you. Because of what you’ve done, the foundation
you’ve laid, that things are in order and that you’re ready to move forward. Things can and do move forward, and greater goals are accomplished. Much is due now to the correctness of past actions. Congratulations, your world just got a lot wider.
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Cupid plans to shoot it up this Valentine’s Day

The Latent Burning Heart of 2012

The Latent Burning Heart of 2012

In the celestial language of the planets and stars, this Valentine’s Day is about being united with what you truly love. (Technically, it’s the striking import of the planetary alignments on February 13th that inspire these messages.)

According to the stars on Valentine’s Day 2012, it doesn’t matter if what you’re loving is your changing self, a new project, or your partner, the omens are seriously lucky for following and aligning with what you really love.
Feeling spontaneously grateful in a wave of wonder and happiness is likely to occur if you’re making a commitment to what you love– but so is feeling out of sorts as remaining obstacles are dealt with. Expect lots of moving parts to deal with now regarding commitments to whomever or whatever you love.
Obstacles are no match for the forward movement of the stars in regards to pursuing what you love, as long as you are engaged with your energy and putting in your all. Your action is key.
The stars also say it’s a particularly good time for “getting things right”…getting the details right–making arrangements that work yet allow for growth, creativity, and surprising directions. It’s also a good day to powwow and brainstorm with people. Although things are changing fast, the following weekend should bring a more concrete understanding about whatever phase you’re entering into.
Red alert from Cupid to all shy would-be lovers who are too afraid to ask out their Valentine: This is the perfect year to put the brakes on that tendency, reverse direction, and make a direct move towards love. Like the pictograph shows, the latent burning heart of 2012 is outsized, powerful and dreamy, and will make a lot of improbable dreams come true.
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February 2012 psychic insights, plus Neptune in Pisces posted

February 2012

February 2012

There are a slew of new articles up at the Examiner, about the impact of the planets and forces on people according to their astrological signs, plus Neptune in Pisces. My February newsletter is also up at www.elissaheyman. com

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