Coping skills for a chaotic world, and the intuition’s yes and no

What turns out to have been very good preparation for these times are all the mind-body-spirit integration trends of the last thirty years, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises…because things are getting really chaotic! The intensity of energy and the feeling that everything is speeding up, makes it doubly important to have a peaceful inner inner space to be in. Fortunately, there’s been a proliferation of resources and practices for anyone wanting to stay centered and productive, just let your interest level guide you to which one to try.

On the radio last month I channeled a message about how people need to create a refuge for themselves in the midst of whatever chaos is going on around them. Basically, the way to stay in balance is to go “in”. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s not too late…energy balancing practices in this quickend atmosphere brings results. Just like the world is changing fast, so can any one of us!

Another consciousness tool is having a clear understanding of your intuition’s “yes’ and “no”. Your intuition is assigned to guide you to your unique growth experiences, or warn you when you are headed towards a dead end. Being able to trust your guts is priceless: to know how you feel on an intuitive level about moving one way or another when things are changing, when you may need to make a decision you didn’t expect, or take a leap of faith. We all have this basic ability to tune in to our inner self’s “yes” and “no”. \

All about NO:

Intuition, being independent of the ego, can give you a “no” reading about something your mind says you should be excited about. The ego self-identity reacts to social pressures and your own expectations. The intuition responds to the energy something actually gives off, rather than expectations or hypothetical circumstances.
The whole world can think an opportunity is great, it’s a huge honor, but you are wary. For some reason at the mention of this fabulous promotion, your familiar “no” feelings are present. You are curiously unenthusiastic…your body is hanging back and your stomach just tightened. Your breathing is shallow. Even though your senses register that you’re disappointing people, you tell your boss you’re going to sleep on it.
There are many NO natural body responses. Typically, it feels like a dimming of light and energy, a physical contraction, a sense of something not going anywhere, a lack of connection or substance. “No” might also bring up anxiety, tension, and fear. On a basic physical level, it is a contraction somewhere or a loss of energy. Whatever it is, there will be many more “no’s” to follow if you don’t heed, because the intuition doesn’t give up.

All about YES

A “yes” is opposite to NO in that it feels stabilizing, peaceful, energizing, or expansive. It can also be a sense of simplicity: You see the used car for sale in the distance…the lines please you, its paint sparkles, you drive it and in three minutes you’ve already stopped thinking about whether you’re going to buy it, it’s your car. (You go on to drive the car for 13 years with virtually no problems.) “Yes” is something that gives you a solid feeling, that you have no problem with, that generates creative ideas, that seems fun, that makes you feel lighter, that makes your body feel safe, that makes your heart open up or impels you to reach out.
If any of you have your own impressions for “yes” and “no” to share, please comment!

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