Here comes freedom-loving Uranus in Aries

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Here comes freedom-loving Uranus in Aries

Although it’s possible to give the whole sign of Leo, for instance, a psychic reading for the year, (see my January newsletter), I don’t really follow the stars and study what’s coming up in the way of planetary aspects. Tonight, on-it astrologer Eric Teissedre alerted me to the looming gravitational field of Uranus. Uranus is considered an “outer planet”, meaning its effects are more on the whole of society.

Uranus is going into Aries next month, March 11th. My ancient horoscope primer, “A to Z Horoscope Maker”, has a pretty benign interpretation of that. It says (if one’s born with Uranus in Aries), expect to have “…a love for independence and freedom, positiveness, force and impulse”.

Eric’s interpretation, albeit he’s talking about the effect of a planet’s movement on countries, not an individual, is a little more alarming. He writes: “You notice how political upheaval is starting with Uranus entering Aries? Well, it is there for 7 years, although the intensity is usually at the time of entering a sign, but oh boy, watch out!”

Maybe “this time it’s different”, and a new kind of revolution in national consciousness plus Facebook and Twitter, is not the bloody revolution of the past. Maybe the intense part just happened in Tahrir Square. It seem unlikely but maybe now, a Uranus in Aries revolution can be a non-violent one. Except those weapon-wielding camel riders suggest not…maybe the world doesn’t change that fast.

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Life lessons: The price of ignoring Google

Awhile ago, a man called me up wanting to know, did I think it was possible that a shaman could bring people back together, and make someone return to their lover?

I told him why in some detail that was not possible, seeing as he was interested in metaphysics and had a spiritual radio show I might be on. He went ahead and made an appointment anyway.

We spoke for an hour and a half, and at the end when it was time to pay me, he let me know he resonated with my work and I was now a member of his team, and could be on his radio show.

Seeing as I wasn’t going to get paid, and choosing grace and the possibility of being on the radio, I said, “Sure.” We set up a show for Valentine’s Day.

Today is Valentine’s Day, but he has cancelled my time on it. He’s worried that I wouldn’t support his point of view about relationships.

Stunned, I thought to Google him. The page that comes up only has one entry for his website: his own website. Shouldn’t a radio show host of twenty years have more? I wonder if anybody else knows about this man besides me?

Whomever you are, l recognize that as an entrepreneur, you are my teacher. I’ve come to respect those teachers of life lessons, who seem like karmic blind dates, where a lot happens in a short amount of time. Our brief contractual relationship was not unlike a marriage, and I hope to end it in my most favorite version of ending a relationship, from the great read but apparently made-up book about Australian aborigines, Mutant Message: When someone in the tribe fell out of love with their mate, at some point one would say to the other, “Thanks for the experience”, and walk away. I would only add to that, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, I guess it was our day to work out our relationship.

Back to entrepreneurial life lessons, Google, and using the tools of the times: As an independent practitioner, it’s good to use Paypal for first time clients, and, Google someone before you do a deal with them. The lesson that’s like an elephant in the room is: if I continue to play with people after they prove themselves to be a bad bet, I am choosing to learn the hard way. As long as I’m stubborn, and resist reality, or Google, and ignore all the ways the universe communicates, I will continue to learn the hard way.

Changes going on in my living room

Most philosophies agree that the only change you can effect is change in your own self. And that that’s how the world changes, one by one. With occasional quantum leaps, such as what’s happening in Egypt!

Today, Mubarak seemed to mean to surprise, when he addressed the people in the streets with the message that he was staying, not going. The people surged to the state tv station, next chapter unknown. Fareed Zakara suggested on tv it was a third attempt to foil the people…to purposefully infuriate them so they riot and become violent, they’re so mad.

I have been fascinated to watch such a fight go down, with such ancient roots. The pharoahs are leaving Egypt. It’s nothing less than a consciousness revolution in the Middle East, and it could prove The Hundredth Monkey morphogenic field theory and how things can change very fast. It could radically everything, this upheaval, but so far the signs seem to be saying, in a good direction.

Right in my own living room about a week ago, listening to CNN and Charley Rose interview Middle East experts and scholars, I spontaneously had a profound inner change of orientation towards Middle Eastern people. I’ve known and worked with many individually, but as a people and culture I guess they were “foreign” to me, because now they’re not! I identify with the people on tv and am in awe of their movement. I have a different relationship to millions of people now.

May the outcome in the Middle East bring peace.

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Divination Chronicles: Revolution in Egypt

The other night, in between CNN reports about Egypt, I ran into my divination room to see what showed up about Egypt’s situation, and posted a few sentences of it on my blog. It’s a few days later, and thinking it’s the biggest change that’s happened in my lifetime, I went back to listen to my first impression of it in that speaking stone reading.

It was : “Three stones on top of each other: the female stone, the mystery stone, and the male stone, like a sandwich. And it suggests that what’s really going to be at the core of things, is mysterious. ElBaradei might be there as the core in the beginning, but it’s really another group that came in, and he was sort of holding the place for it.(And not necessarily wanting the position of staying part of the structure.) There’s a real urgency because of the tie-up of daily life. What’s affected badly is the economy.”

Now it’s violent and Tienemen Square-like , right before their big “Day of Departure”. Here’s what’s showing now in this third divination, which I can hardly believe.

This time it was through information in the four directions, and then the stones. In the south, there was a lifting off of a heavy weight. The people are going, “Oh wow, oh okay, all right, well yeah, it’s cool” as if things are easier than expected, and the soldiers go with them. In the west, (which has to do with people, relationships, feelings, emotions, can show big deaths), it showed there were very very powerful and intelligent people, and they had a plan, and they meant no harm to anybody. They had more masterful, fruitful plans, and the ability to organize things at a higher level. So what happens when there aren’t these dictatorships can be quite wonderful and beneficial. But it showed in the north that there was a coexistence for awhile–there was action in February that put something in place, but not until August was there no co-existence; there’s awhile of limited power after changes in February. (There were two pieces of information but I lost them.)
The stones also show that the new foundation and real structure hasn’t at all come in. The players now are the players in change.
The stones show the same information as the directions: For awhile, the foundation that is new, upon which something that is much more encompassing in its purview will be built, is connected to what’s leaving. The power and the details, the players, the info haven’t met yet exactly for what’s coming in, but it is more fruitful.
What is left out is: the old ways, and doing things for the same reasons.
The world should help Egypt– all the world leaders should talk to Mubarek on its behalf. The one thing about the stones is the unsupported position of Egypt economically, so the world would have to pony up and support it.
But this idea there are group of very bright people guiding a process to bring the region into the future, who want to show the Middle East’s strengths and prowess–there’s a lot of pride that wants to be felt in the Middle East for their wisdom and ingenuity and many other things that the world has not seen in awhile. Long live the Middle East! May its glory come back to shine on modern times.

Divination on Egypt

I did a quick stone divination…it looked like ElBaradei might be only central and galvanizing for awhile, not necessarily choosing to be in the leading position, but core to the change. A new group coming in, in any event. All in all, it looked like a more supportive to the people and balanced Egypt emerged.