Spiritual Self-Care: Sweeping

Self-care is on my mind, as it’s a theme of an upcoming conference for healing practitioners here in Santa Fe. Spiritual self-care as the basis for a daily practice, is doing things to get inspired to do your day, taking care of yourself first.

I like to tune into the spiritual side of life first, and a timeless aid to all people in doing this, is ritual. The whole point of whatever actions you’re performing in sacred rituals, is always to facilitate dropping the ego-identity and self reflection and mental role-playing, and to allow your consciousness to receive from your higher self, cosmic consciousness, the Universe you are a part of through your spiritual heart and its connection to all things, your inner guidance, etc. Ritual is a way to re-energize and feed your spiritual self. Anything that does that is the right ritual for you! Here’s something I do, though, as a first step in connecting with my spiritual life.

This morning, my ritual was the same one women especially have done for ages: sweeping. It was a man who taught me though, shamanic healer and psychic Don Jesus in San Miguel de Allende. He would sweep out his clients after the day was done, using his home-made “cleaning and blessing” water. (I still have some I got from him more than five years ago, and the amazing thing is, it’s never gone bad in the bottle.) He did it very vigorously, sweeping everybody and their vibes out the door. A common ritual here too in Santa Fe among Native and Hispanic people, is to sweep out the house first thing in the morning.

In my version, I am getting ready for whatever the day brings by first making it empty and ready for what’s new. I spray the broom with blessed water, easy to make by just reflecting on the healing, purifying properties of water and then spraying. I get into the physical movements of cleaning, clearing, sweeping out whatever’s there–there’s something about swinging into the physical motions that feels purifying. At times I’m sweeping up yesterday’s crumbs, the energy of whatever I used to learn from in the past, yesterday’s clients, how I treated myself yesterday–whatever it might be. When it’s all swept out the door, now I am ready to invite what’s new!
Spiritual self-care in my life, is the recognition that if I give myself some love first, and have some way to remind myself of what turns me on in life–so that I’m inspired about another day on planet earth–chances are I’ll have a wonderful day!