Leo 2010 birthday horoscope

Leo's Year Ahead 2010
Leo's Year Ahead 2010

Leo’s astrological birthday card explicated:

Leos spend the year transitioning in terms of what they stabilize around, or what they are known for…something is changing about that. It looks they they are doing better financially or can make more money by the end of the year.
There are many changes: their style can become more elegant or they can just have more style. Leos are happy! There’s a freshness about life, it’s an expansive, freer-feeling year.

Leo’s tarot cards: The three of cups, the Death card, and the Moon:
Hard or jarring experiences often accompany personal growth, but this year it’s more likely that good experiences and positive developments lead you to make some of the biggest changes of your life. You are likely to notice what works, to find harmony, and find that past obstructions give way. Flowing with change and “letting the better” can take you far.

More for Leo’s year ahead from the Examiner:

The sun enters Leo in a Sagittarius moon–there’s no telling where you may end up if you respond to the greater energy you have this year, and nurture a growing faith in yourself. “Have a good time!” the stars call out, knowing you’re likely to have a very good year.

The next day, Jupiter goes retrograde, and one thing that means is: be pragmatic, be self-examining in the finance department, don’t spend flagrantly as if it were a style. This will be hard to do right away.

The full moon on July 25th is Nature’s gift to you, a cosmic bath that releases a way you hold yourself, and allows for a new one. “You will make a lot of new friends this year”, it says, being a full moon in the early degrees of Aquarius.

That spate of celestial events launches you into your new 2010 year, with the final thought about how to make it all work: “Be nice!”

Also be nice because you are certainly going to be honest. Be kind in your delivery of everything.