Psychic Weather Report August 2009

We all know how easy it is for a weatherman to be wrong, and that’s what I’m doing here, being a weatherman, picking up signals in the air and reporting what I receive. I’m picking up the signals now but perhaps the conditions will change, and things won’t unfold as predicted.

These messages are about as far from the actual weather and mood of Santa Fe as possible: it is just gorgeous and breezy all over town, and the streets are crowded with walkers and bicyclers and people in rickshaws, enjoying the square and enjoying the air. Everybody’s out and about.

However, right at a tree in Cathedral Park by the plaza, I got this surprising message: There seemed to be a clash of forces up ahead, causing perfectly wonderful people to suffer, and that things would happen that didn’t seem to make any sense. They only make sense in the context of each person belonging to a larger collective, shouldering the common burden of humanity, its good and bad behavior, so that sometimes good people suffered and bad people prevailed in the jumbly mix-up of people collective reaping what we’ve sown. Larger forces beyond any individual’s control will push and pull at the world with great power.

A few days before this, right after the full moon lunar eclipse on August 5, I also went out to see what was in the air, and I tried to imagine the economic recovery that seems to be underway continuing, the bustle-y-ness of commercial life as we’ve known it returning. (Judging from the streets full of people in downtown Santa Fe, the tourist economy has come to life.)
But instead I got the picture that the next thing that happened is that we learn some lesson, gain in knowledge, get some deeper understanding. According to my feeling, things do not go on as usual, they don’t necessarily continue to right themselves and rise.

So, I guess I’m not able to trust what looks like a recovering, stabilizing local and global economy. I hope I eat my words.

Today, August 9, I had another reminder about what’s shown up in visions for awhile: the Huffington Post’s headline article is that U.S. Attorney General “Eric Holder is poised to open torture probe”. It’s been linked in my mind for a long time that a trial in America which made Americans feel like justice was served, and that America was back to being America, preceded an economic contraction. This vision could have been like a bad weather report, where I just got it wrong; it could have been a probable reality that never coalesced because of opposition; it could be that I’m broadcasting my private hallucinations in a very public way by predicting things , or it could be that Holder’s investigation leads to the scenario that showed up long ago, a big trial followed by economic contraction.