Leo’s Year Ahead 2009

Happy Birthday, Leo! 2009: Rise and Shine!Happy Birthday! What you can count on: feeling like a “new you”; surprises– and looking back to think it was a pretty interesting year. However, in some regard you can feel thwarted and that it’s slow going getting to where you want to be. You might as well not rush. Instead, go at a pace that allows you to have fun and enjoy your life.

The Speaking Stones: This is a very surprising year. Much comes up that’s from the past, both good and bad. You work again with past creative abilities. There’s lot of opportunity. You learn to use your energy much more efficiently or strikingly. You’re better at dealing with life in general, and more willing to move forward. This is only true if you’re doing what you want. If you’re not doing what you want, you’ll have an opportunity to change and re-align with your desires. If you want to, you can take yourself far, fulfill new roles, and achieve new things.