2009 in black and white

I had a helpless feeling on a walk today—I was feeling open to whatever had a message—and the dog I was with showed up with a dead squirrel in its jaws, stiff and swollen, and followed me around with it. Death is dogging this time, and 2009, which I characterized last December as “a river of blood, a river of change”, feels like it could live up to that potential even more than before. It could be that the sign was a portent of the new deadly bombing reported in Indonesia later today, but the omen seemed to speak of more than that one terrorist attack.
Oh, the death and decay is rampant now, Nature is on the move to rip through what remains of unsustainable ways. It’s a furious energy. Applied to the soaring spirit, not afraid to spin faster and faster, becoming a brighter and brighter light, change can happen rapidly, and new foundations can be built.