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Happy Independence Day weekend to everyone! I hope you did something fun last night. I celebrated by being at the ranch, watching the sun go down from a perfect vantage point while sitting with a couple of dear friends, sharing Nutty Coconut ice cream and other good things to eat.

I wanted to discuss manifestation with you. You may have either read or seen The Secret or read the Hicks’ books on manifesting. I watched The Secret on DVD and find it inspiring, but from my point of view they do not tell the whole story. I have not read the Hicks’ books in detail so I am not sure if they include what I am going to say or not.

When I do readings for people one thing that I see is whether the aura is clear or not. Clarity in the aura is very important to good manifestation. Your intention will be very evident to spirit and will come about more easily. If you have a cloudy aura with several conflicting energies, Spirit will have a hard time manifesting anything for you because there are conflicting messages. So how do you manifest a clear aura? Here are some suggestions that I have learned from my years of this work:

Exercising increases soothing brain chemicals, calming you. It makes your body feel good! It is also one of the things you can do that helps clear your aura of conflicting messages and energies.

~Cultivate patience
If you are always in a rush and get irritated when things don’t happen fast enough or the way you thought you wanted, you cut off your own message to spirit. If you are patient and wait even though sometimes things do not go your way, your ability to manifest your intentions will win out. Another quality related to this is humility. You do not have to cut in front of someone else to make your wish come true.

~Be calm and direct in your communications with others.
To some this is called an Assertive communication style. Virginia Satir calls this style of communication “leveling”. This also means that you are being reasonably honest. If you are dishonest, manipulative, or giving mixed messages, this compromises the clarity of your own aura. Not everyone likes being around an honest or assertive person, because it induces them to be honest, as well. However, the pay-off is worth it! Be aware, being honest does not mean divulging every detail to others, as you also have to consider being socially effective. What it does mean is that you are not giving out messages that conflict with your own being.

~Create from the spirit, not the personality (or ego)
If you try to create from the ego level you will probably create somewhat of a mess. The personality has a certain job to do, but it is a small part of who you are and does not have the whole picture. Its agenda includes competition, fear and satisfaction of lusts for this or that.
In order to know that you are creating from the spirit, first ask to be aligned with your Higher Self (the larger part of your spiritual being, or your spirit), so you have that as your guiding star. You can simply do that in a moment. You don’t even have to close your eyes, but it might help. Have the intention of going within with your awareness, and ask to be aligned with your Higher Self. It will happen in seconds.
Always have the awareness that you are living your life with the guidance of your Higher Self, even if that awareness is in the back of your mind.
When I see people who are not creating from the Higher Self they invariably have doubts, wonder why things are not working out and run into the same problems again and again. When people create from the Higher Self, their activities and choices suit them so well and life is much more peaceful.

Another aspect of creating with your spirit is to be aware of your spirit. Your spirit will always have a basic energy “signature” that you will recognize. I don’t think I really had an awareness of myself that way until I went through psychic training. Then I got it! I realized my spirit is optimistic and happy. I have an adventurous streak, too. If I am not feeling that way, then I am not aligned with my Higher Self or some foreign energy is in the way.

I will send Manifestation 2 next time.

I can help you be aware of your spirit and clear your aura in a session, if you would like.
For those calling long distance or from Overseas, I now have Skype!
Peace to you for you are loved beyond measure by Spirit
~ Catherine