Preview of Summer 2009…a few early messages

A few days ago I went out to look for omens for the upcoming Summer of 2009, finally settling on a place alongside the railroad tracks next to a big electrical transformer, and there was only one thing the spirits wanted to talk about: “Peace:” This is what they said:
“The only thing that would work right now is if everybody realized how crazy it was to have nuclear weapons, and the next strategy was a concerted effort of everyone laying down their arms. People have to start dismantling, disarming, now. There’s a big question mark about how to treat somebody but a giant ego (North Korean leader, I assume) is skulking along, and feeling ignored. I would say, ‘ oil the squeaking wheel’ what ever that takes. No matter what the strategies are, now the wheel is squeaking pretty loud.”

Negativity will be on display. As part of their own healing, people are facing their fears and allowing whatever is inside them to be released. Acting less consciously, a lot of people will easily erupt in negative outbursts.
…and now for a mostly wonderful message: “What is new? You are new…every individual is new to themselves in some way. The most precious gift of Summer is the knowledge you gain of your own self and creative ways. Everybody can jump higher in the fiery, light energy of Summer 2009, whether they are creating destruction or new platforms to stand on.”
“’Peace be with you”, interjects the Spirit of 2009. “It is up to those who have it in them to create peace, to do their best to maintain it in their own private worlds. Be at peace within yourself above all.”

Iran in the Psychic News

Was this about Iran? I received this message in April, and didn’t understand it well, so I didn’t post it. The language is unclear but now it sounds like it’s describing what’s happening in Iran, short-term bad but hopefully long-term bright.
“Fast and furious, low to the ground, forces are shaping up and preparing for battle—a very big battle, with a lot more at stake than everyone thought. All is well, alas, and no matter what happens, we see the bright picture at the end, full of hope always shining, our own hearts renewed.”

What I’m thinking about tonight: my money, Peter Schiff, and Jupiter Retrograde

Tonight financial commentator Peter Schiff was interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart—his views were laughed at a couple of years ago by CNN and others (he thought the housing market was a dangerous bubble and we were headed for a big recession). Now he thinks we’re headed off a cliff. In the past, I read, some of Schiff’s prognostications have been wrong, but he was very accurate about the recent past. (The interview will probably be at

His comments about what went wrong–that we should have let the big institutions who made bad bets fail, reminded me of the predictions about the stimulus package in my October 08 newsletter, and that makes me consider that the other scenario that’s shown up before, of economic contraction, could still be up ahead no matter how hearty the markets are rallying. To me “contraction” means hard times…it could be inflationary or deflationary.
Here the September 2008 Speaking Stones divination about the bail-out and the U.S. economy, courtesy of the archives of —I lost all my old newsletters when I fried my computer. There was another piece on the bail-out in another divination , and I remember it looked better to take the short and more painful “let them fail” route. However if we went through with the bail-out which we’ve chosen, recovery would take a lot longer but still we would come through it. (It was something like that…Computer Lesson: make a hard copy.

From my October 2008 newsletter:But we cannot see which way things are going. It’s questionable whether the stock market is repairable, whether the bailout has enough power to turn the economy around. Whatever plan is put into effect: there’s something not connecting, it’s lacking the force to make a difference, it is not a big enough scrapping of the old—there’s too much support for what is down and should be out. Upholding the old stunts the growth of the country. There is missing information at this time when deals are being made, causing more of a division when it comes out. This bailout proposal came right when Mercury retrograde started (September 25th, -October 16th) making it more likely that there are hidden aspects to it we’ll find out about later. It could delay, not prevent, the inevitable.

But what if Obama maybe is his own kind of awesome seer and problem-solver, as Peter Schiff may be, and will somehow pull the rabbit out of the hat? That’s what I think could happen—he’s a wild card. But the Speaking Stones side with Peter Schiff.
Also, something I never added to my June newsletter had to do with Jupiter turning retrograde in Aquarius, and Neptune already being retrograde…(occurring in the middle of the month, June 15th). There can be a change in the collective projections then, that’s a sign a widespread rally could reverse. Divination aside, my personal expectation is that this rally will go on for a long while…I don’t know if I drank the kool-aid or what, so I’m in “wait and see” mode. But the stones and perhaps the star (and Peter Schiff) s are in” look out down below mode.”

Elissa’s June 2009 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Come visit Santa Fe, it is getting so groovy here! There’s a state of the art history museum that opened on the Plaza, there’ll be music and dancing day and night starting next month at the bandstand, soon the 400th birthday celebrations will begin…what a gorgeous place to be! The world might be going to hell in a handbasket but Santa Fe, New Mexico is hot!
I hope your Spring is exciting, wherever you are,
Love, Elissa

june-2009-resized2 June 2009 Psychic Insights and Horoscopes

In June’s cycle of creativity, people are willing to make big sacrifices to reach their goals…they feel like a “work in progress” with lots to do. This goes double for Geminis, who may be thinking by the end of their birthday month about brand new goals, once the Sun goes into Cancer and Summer begins. For everyone, it can turn into a time of life-changing new inspirations, which will requiring adjusting to, but ultimately bring a new ease of being. By mid-summer, many make wiser and more fitting choices for themselves.
The planet of expansion, Jupiter, dominates the vibrational landscape in June, fueling people’s big visions for their personal future, and most likely continuing the market rally on Wall Street. This force for growth is exhilarating if it’s one’s own dreams that are getting bigger, and scary if it’s a country’s ambitions for nuclear capability. And unfortunately, there are signs that large numbers of people could be sacrificed in the process of the collective’s evolution. Something seems to be going on underneath the earth now, too: a humungous roiling of lava like some monster volcano is building up.

Speaking Stones: Mars-type people (aggressive, war-like) have a tremendous desire to ejaculate. Wars and angry acts can pop up all over. These types will act now without thinking of consequences.
Below are more messages about June and beyond from my blog, May 18th and 21st:

June 2009 seems to introduce apprehension about the future, as if there are developments that create anxiety. “What’s going to happen?” is a fearful thought. I get flashes of a tough time up ahead, and it being seemingly uncontrollable. Various dramatic stories that began long ago are like karmic boils bursting all over the place. Still, we humans appear to be in a valley, and that the right people are in place to get us through it.

Innovation: New solutions are announced this Spring 2009 that are omens of “how things can work” in the future. At this time, our personal and collective destiny is to go through a process of purifying, releasing, letting go and receiving anew. Within us and without us, our world is changing. It leads to improvement, and a time of greater synergy, energy, and creativity.
A caveat about omens: They can serve to urge and encourage and bolster a person through a very difficult process. For instance, long story short, I had a dream one night in the 1980’s that the next day would be the happiest day of my life. I woke up excited, went out to do errands, and came back to an invitation on my message machine to fly to London if I could leave almost immediately.
Right before I left I went to say good-bye to my best friend. While I was gone, everything in my apartment was stolen, including all the cash for the trip, and they took it all away in the brand new suitcases I’d bought hours before! All I had in my purse were the plane tickets.
However, it was still a trip that gave me, in part, my wonderful life. I’ll tell the story in a future blog, it involves a great English medium, Gypsies and rock stars, but I’ve gotten sidetracked here…the point is that in the relative short-term there can be a difficult time coming even though what’s given as a message is the much more positive circumstances that change leads to, so people don’t freak out at all that goes on and must be sacrificed in the construction of a more positive foundation.”

Personal Guidance for the Astrological Signs For June 2009…read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): It seems like your ideas or plans are in alliance with some sort of powerful circumstance that’s already in motion. You have a brush with a higher level of power and it gives you ideas. You have a lot of insights now and new things to think about. What it is you’re flirting with or thinking about brings a lot of change to your life. Travel light so you can be swept away easily.

Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You plan for a good time, and sure enough, things give way to traditional summertime fun and fantasizing, and, somehow also, you get an opportunity quite far away from where you’re located now. There’s a lot to learn from what you end up going to or what you set in motion this month…very fruitful goings-on now.

Air Signs: Libra (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You achieve a new freedom, a new level of well-being and ability to pursue heart-felt visions. You are seeing or will see the wisdom of a choice, that you are in the right place, even though things are clearly changing. Rest assured you are going through a transition that brings joy and peace.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Get out there so you can feel, so you get your response to new environments, new people…mix and frequent…form your ideas based on experience. You can get out in the world to showcase other sides of yourself, other talents. You can be deeply affected by what you run across this month, and it makes you dream differently, and possibly change direction as you think about something new to do.

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