June psychic preview…an anxious month for the collective

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June psychic preview…an anxious month for the collective

I wrote these messages May 21st and was surprised to get this picture of anxiety about the future that was right around the corner for June; a few days ago, the news was a lot more positive. Now North Korea has tested another nuclear device and this message fits what is likely the mood in the next few weeks.

There are developments that create anxiety. June 2009 seems to introduce apprehension about the future..“What’s going to happen” is a fearful thought.We all must be so strong! There are tough times coming. I get flashes of a tough time up ahead, and it being seemingly uncontrollable. Various dramatic stories that began long ago are like karmic boils bursting all over the place. Still, we humans appear to be in a valley, and that the right people are in place to get us through it.

Personal Guidance for the Astrological Signs For June 2009

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): It seems like your ideas or plans are in alliance with some sort of powerful circumstance that’s already in motion. You have a brush with a higher level of power and it gives you ideas. You have a lot of insights now and new things to think about. What it is you’re flirting with or thinking about brings a lot of change to your life. Travel light so you can be swept away easily.

Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You plan for a good time, and sure enough …things give way to traditional summertime fun and fantasizing, and ,somehow also, you get an opportunity quite far away from where you’re located now. There’s are a lot to learn from what you end up going to or what you set in motion this month..very fruitful goings-on now.

Air Signs: Libra (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You achieve a new freedom, a new level of well-being and ability to pursue heart-felt visions. You are seeing or will see the wisdom of a choice, that you are in the right place, even though things are clearly changing. Rest assured you are going through a transition that brings joy and peace.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Get out there so you can feel, so you get your response to new environments, new people…. Mix and frequent …form your ideas based on experience. You can get out in the world to showcase other sides of yourself, other talents. You can be deeply affected by what you run across this month, and it makes you dream differently, and possibly change direction as you think about something new to do.

A Psychic Message (surprisingly positive!) About The Future of our Inner and Outer Environments

On a recent walk through a New Mexico valley I got a couple of very positive insights about the present and future… here’s how this first glimpse came to me, like a poem, and following is the explication and psychic message.

“The ground is wet, swollen with promise,
Seeking answers from the future about how things can work.
We’re all here to improve, and be cleaned,
And receive,
And let go,
And live in love with each other, amen.”
Already in the works are innovations that create workable, feasible conditions. New solutions are announced ihis Spring 2009 that are omens of “how things can work”in the future. At this time, ourpersonal and collective destiny is to go through this purifying, releasing, letting go and receiving anew process is that is evident all around us. Within us and without us, our world is changing. It leads to improvement, and a time of greater synergy, energy, and creativity. .
A caveat about omens and messages: They can serve to urge and encourage and bolster a person through a very difficult process. For instance, long story short, I had a dream one night in the 1980’s that the next day would be the happiest day of my life. I woke up excited, went out to do errands, and came back to an invitation on my message machine to fly to London if I could leave almost immediately.
Right before I left I went to say good-bye to my best friend. While I was gone, everything in my apartment was stolen, including all the cash for the trip, and they took it all away in the brand new suitcases I’d bought hours before! All I had in my purse were the plane tickets.
However, it was still a trip that gave me, in part, my wonderful life. I’ll tell the story in a future blog, it involves a great English medium, Gypsies and rock stars, but I’ve gotten sidetracked here…the point is that in the relative short-term there can be a difficult time coming even though what’s given as a message is the much more positive circumstances that change leads to, so people don’t freak out at all that goes on and must be sacrificed in the construction of a more positive foundation.
This second message should be in effect starting now: “Holding positive thoughts will be easier now–there’s more support for them coming from the future.” (Good news for those trying to better appreciate their own self and anticipate the future securely.)

May 2009 Psychic Insights and Predictions

May 2009 Psychic Messages and Newsletter

May 2009 Psychic Messages and Newsletter

May 2009

Earth Day Messages, April 22, 2009:
(receiving this message made me a stronger believer in the power of the collective consciousness to impress, to be a force, because truthfully, I didn’t know it was Earth Day–it was like, Wednesday to me–until I looked it up the date later in Jim Maynard’s Astrological calendar.
In the morning I walked outside into the warmest and happiest Spring air of the season yet, and in it was a high and joyous energy, and the collective thought-form, “Green, green and glorious planet earth…what can I do for you?” As if a million people were paying attention to planet earth–as if Earth were alive, and wanting our attention and heartfelt sentiments. We’re changing, and the earth is receiving our blessings.
Earth Day Divination April 22, 2009: USA: Hate groups in the mid-West continue to strengthen; crime networks in the East Coast are under pressure to leave the area; territory/land is lost in the south around the Mississippi; a city like Chicago (inland, middle U.S.) becomes a more powerful, thriving metropolis; a Canadian city like Ontario, Quebec, also grows. A defining moment in the West…something happens that makes a difference to, has an impact on half of California (Now at this publishing, May 7th, it’s looking like the legalization of marijuana.) Southern states get colder.

Nature: A lot of volcanoes in the southern latitudes. Venus conjuncts the Moon in May, blessing love, creativity, and business for those who can let go of whatever they’re clutching, who can spin out into May’s beneficent and lucky spheres. Let yourself go, the water’s warm, say the currents of May– you are very likely now to wash up on a better shore.

Discoveries and Developments:
New methods of growing (food); underwater oil supplies are in the news;already developed products coming into the market and moving it.. An important development with alternative energy is ongoing and has the power to profoundly change things.
Left-out Spring ’09 divinations: Preventative medicine and a wholistic health approach get very very “in” in the forseeable future. Be wary of investing substantial amounts of money in anything. It’s perhaps too early to invest in knowing what is substantial.

Guidance for Creative Manifestation: The straight and narrow path produces marvelous fruit in May. This is a very good time to be concerned with your creation, what you love to manifest in the world and can create right now, and that only. If it’s not your fate to blow up, blow apart, transform, you will be having all kinds of discoveries in your creative life. Don’t waste the opportunity!

The collective move towards ingenuity: We are more sure of ourselves, willing to let go, and understanding of deep motivations. Being kind to yourself is productive. Be aware of judgment from others as you change. Continue changing. We are releasing age-old criticisms from deep within us, and at the same time moving closer to communicating and travelling out into space. We are coming into a deeper realization of our collective power. As smart as we want to be! The triumph of ingenuity!
Personal Psychic Messages and Oh Card Readings for May 2009

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Expect both a new beginning and that you have an emotional reaction as you let go of the past. Oh Cards: Air signs have a very revelatory and self-aware month, where a lot of personal traps they get themselves into can be eliminated.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
You’re destined to go out into the world and establish yourself in a more powerful way. The details of this wouldn’t be revealed this month, just your general direction, and you’ll fill in the gaps by September. Oh Cards: You may be coming to the end of the road in a personal relationship. It can be part of a desire to have more joy. Be ready to help others as many people call on you.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
It looks as if you’ve got an idea, you’re moving forward with something, but you get information that changes your tactic or action plan, and this adjustment or new course taken is successful. You find ways to manifest your intentions. Oh Cards: If attracted to something, take your time committing to it: get to know the potential of the firm, make sure your interest is long-term.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You have to make different arrangements, for some reason, than what you’ve been expecting. You’re in between places, not sure where you’re landing, but a better plan is coming. Oh Cards: If your life in some way is delayed, where you’re not getting what you want now, you can swing between being in a real funk about it, really down in the dumps about it, sitting in a bar alone about it; or you can be playing, whistling, seeing whose in the play ground, having fun even if you’re having to play by yourself, doing things that are fun for you to do. You seem to have a choice of postures to take while you wait. One’s fun, one’s not.

Taurus 2009 Birthday Message: “You are tentative, yet hopeful, as you move towards something that looks like it might be real, that you can step into. Something appears that facilitates a lot of change in you and creates a defining circumstance you are happy with. Blessed be to all your new endeavors, don’t rule anything out.”

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and around the world via telephone. In-person or telephone sessions are available Monday-Saturday. Please visit Elissa’s website at www.elissaheyman.com for more information. To contact directly, please call 505-982-3294 or email at elissaheyman@earthlink.net. A full-time professional since 1979, her mission is to provide a helpful and healing service through consultations, her blog and monthly newsletters, and Intuition Circles. P.S.: Elissa updates her blog frequently with various articles and predictions at www.elissaheyman.com/blog

2009 JazzFest Report from New Orleans

Psychic Messages for May 2009

Psychic Messages for May 2009

Jazzfest 2009 Report: I’m just back from New Orleans, lucky to have booked myself into the city early in the year for the second weekend of Jazzfest. As a result, I am one culturally enriched human being. Fest head Quint Davis went to Africa and brought back two groups of dancers and drummers who could do extraordinary things with their bodies that I never saw before: I saw dancers from Benin do magic tricks, making dancers appear and disappear on stage right in front of us, and The Crocodile Gumboot Dancers of South Africa made rhythms with their bodies, stamping their feet, that were unlike anything I’d ever heard. Someone is going to put a Youtube video up for them of the performance–I will Twitter when I see it.
Anyway, it seemed like the best dancers and musicians from all around the country and world were on the Festival fairgrounds for four full days, morning til night. I was in musical, food, and surprisingly, conversation heaven. I met a lot of interesting people there, about three a day. It was like a Fellini movie, where people were willing to go to some fascinating place in their conversation in just moments. It could have had to do with the fact the tickets each day were $50, and it raised the bar on how resourceful people were who entered the gates. No time was wasted learning interesting lessons on the fairgrounds, and then there were the passerbys…a woman with dollar bills pinned all down her front, so that, I presumed, if you were short one dollar and you really wanted to get a soft shell crab po’ boy, you could pull one off her chest if she happened to be around. It was a friendly crowd.
At night the streets were filled with people and music–I went to a late night set of the Midnight Disturbers with Trombone Shorty that took place in a converted middle school. There were little clubs and restaurants and art galleries in the different school rooms, and the auditorium is where the headliner bands performed and people danced. (They came on at 1:15 AM–people stay out late in New Orleans;;the paper lists music sets starting at 3 and 5 am)
Each day after Jazzfest, people poured out of the fairgrounds and many found their way into street parties along the way home, with brass bands on the corners and food stands set up. They were all over town. The cafe scene is very hot in New Orleans too–all different styles of cafes that at least during Jazzfest, stay open late. Where I was in the Marigny district, people lounged outside with others, or worked on their laptops outside, in between tropical plants and local art work. A groovy scene.
I rented a bike the minute I got there, a big $500 cruiser that made for effortless riding all over town. (Go to Michael’s on Frenchmen Street.) I traded a psychic counseling session to get picked up at the airport and driven right to the shop. Then we were off to Lafayette Park, where Marva Wright and Marcia Ball were playing…the party started within minutes of landing. I left while it was still a little light, stopping at a local dive-type place named Mother’s with great gumbo, then down to the River Park to pay my respects to the mighty Mississippi, and through the Farmers Market and French Quarter and into the funky arty Fauborg Marigny.
I could talk all day about the music and magic in New Orleans but it’s time for the May psychic messages. One more thing: New Orleans was thriving, but not the wetlands that protect it. I learned that wetlands are being lost at a rate of an acre an hour, and this threatens the whole coast of Louisiana. According to environmentalists and scientific projections, the people there either have to take measures immediately to fix the problems, or move, as in move the coast of Louisiana and everything built on it. New Orleans is still threatened even though it looks good in the good places. It needs attention now, was the message.

Santa Fe Circle May 15…plus updated guided imagery to try now

I re-posted the guided imagery exercise so you can get your own psychic hits, with music from Little Wolf, a local Native American band that includes Medicine Card creator David Carson. It’s on the blog in the media library and also on my website with the Intuition article. Try it and tell me how it works for you, it only takes 3 minutes.

There will be a circle May 15th, here’s a description:

“Santa Fe Spirit Circles take place at my Eastside home near the plaza. Working with six to eight people interested in spiritual healing, clairvoyant reading and intuition development, everyone has a chance to receive healing and psychic messages, have their personal questions answered and practice working with their own intuition. Expect a magical and educational two hour experience!
Circles begin with intention-setting and a prayer. I use sage and sweetgrass to “smudge” each person in a purifying gesture to release the past and the every day world; this prepares you to receive new insights and awareness. I act as a medium for the healing and messages each person attracts from spirit, and often people in the circle get messages for themselves and others. We do group divination with the Speaking Stones and the tarot, plus guided imagery and other processes that get you in touch with your own intuition.

$45, about 2 hours, parking in the back at 514 E. Palace Avenue. For reservations call Elissa at 505-982-3294, or email at elissaheyman@earthlink.net
Out of town circles: $65, 2 1/2 hours.

Next scheduled Santa Fe Circle: Friday, May 15th, 2009 7 pm

Magick by Eric Teissedre

…another way to get in touch with your inner self, your magical self, and divine guidance, from master practitioner Eric Teissedre in San Francisco. Eric can be reached at 415-474-2361

This is a magical inspiration, designed to make the subject of magick more user-friendly.
Magick is the wild west of metaphysical studies. There are more bizarre ideas that show up under the title of magick than in any other metaphysical field, ideas you could never get away with in a sane circle!

Magick has always invoked a certain amount of fear and confusion. It has always been a secretive subject, written in codes that were quite confusing. The middle ages didn’t do anything but add more confusion to an already mysterious subject. We are arriving at the time of no secrets. More and more information is available to the public and with subjects like cross-cultural shamanism coming into view, it adds more light on the subject of magick. A lot of what I write about is from my own perception and is my own opinion, but this is a subject I have been delving into since the mid-60’s. Here is my view:

All ritual is prayer and this gives a broad view to the word prayer. Prayer is composed of two elements. One is energy, sometimes called grace. The other is consciousness and the creating of thought forms. There are times that prayers don’t have enough power and may have to be done repetitiously to have an effect. Certain parts of ritual are designed to raise power. This is done through trance, toning, power songs, power dances, drums and rattles, and this is done to build chi, to build power.

Now there are three elements of magick. One is contacting the source, also called the guardian, high self or inner spirit. The second is cleaning, removing the blocks that affect energy, affect chakras. Cleaning is extremely important. The last is blessing, or charging, bringing positive energy into your being. This is all done in a sacred circle, a magic circle.

Now, we want to keep this subject of magick simple. We don’t want to be bogged down with endless ritual or ritual for ritual sake, or a whole series of tools that don’t truly serve any practical purpose. You can create your magickal circle in your mind. Once you are in sacred space, call in your own way divine light and sense that this is in the center of your being, no particular place in your body, just the center of your being. Affirm to this light that you are being cleansed of unwanted energy and you are being blessed.

At this point, see what your mind gives you, see what memories come up. See what images pass across your mind. Many practitioners work with animal spirits. I am not sure that they are actually working with animal spirits or that the divine, which is formless, part of the quantum, is speaking to the practitioner in a subjective language. It doesn’t matter. The whole point of this exercise is to build a communication with the divine within.

Thank your inner contact when you are done, release and step back out into the everyday world. Don’t worry about releasing your sacred inner magick circle. Who knows, it could serve you as a tool for protection. Keep your work simple, to the point, and positive.

Ancient magicians called this: “conversation with the holy guardian angel” and it was meant to be the center of the magical work. Shamans would call this: “communication with the guardian spirit.”

At a later date, we can share some power building techniques and more ways to work with the spirit.
Circle of light, Eric