A Psychic Message (surprisingly positive!) About The Future of our Inner and Outer Environments

On a recent walk through a New Mexico valley I got a couple of very positive insights about the present and future… here’s how this first glimpse came to me, like a poem, and following is the explication and psychic message.

“The ground is wet, swollen with promise,
Seeking answers from the future about how things can work.
We’re all here to improve, and be cleaned,
And receive,
And let go,
And live in love with each other, amen.”
Already in the works are innovations that create workable, feasible conditions. New solutions are announced ihis Spring 2009 that are omens of “how things can work”in the future. At this time, ourpersonal and collective destiny is to go through this purifying, releasing, letting go and receiving anew process is that is evident all around us. Within us and without us, our world is changing. It leads to improvement, and a time of greater synergy, energy, and creativity. .
A caveat about omens and messages: They can serve to urge and encourage and bolster a person through a very difficult process. For instance, long story short, I had a dream one night in the 1980’s that the next day would be the happiest day of my life. I woke up excited, went out to do errands, and came back to an invitation on my message machine to fly to London if I could leave almost immediately.
Right before I left I went to say good-bye to my best friend. While I was gone, everything in my apartment was stolen, including all the cash for the trip, and they took it all away in the brand new suitcases I’d bought hours before! All I had in my purse were the plane tickets.
However, it was still a trip that gave me, in part, my wonderful life. I’ll tell the story in a future blog, it involves a great English medium, Gypsies and rock stars, but I’ve gotten sidetracked here…the point is that in the relative short-term there can be a difficult time coming even though what’s given as a message is the much more positive circumstances that change leads to, so people don’t freak out at all that goes on and must be sacrificed in the construction of a more positive foundation.
This second message should be in effect starting now: “Holding positive thoughts will be easier now–there’s more support for them coming from the future.” (Good news for those trying to better appreciate their own self and anticipate the future securely.)