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in person/by phone in Santa Fe, New Mexico         505-982-3294

What I Offer...

Private psychic counseling and healing sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by phone.

In person or remotely, with any length session you’ll receive helpful insights about your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Psychic counseling and healing helps you to understand transitions, recognize opportunities and what’s in your best interest, and make decisions.

You’ll also get a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique path, and the pros and cons of upcoming choices.

Each session begins with a clairvoyant reading, the Speaking Stones, and then the tarot. I answer specific questions and help you frame them for the most helpful answer.

Spiritual healing, energy release work, and mediumship are optional and by request.

If you’re here to read your horoscope or the latest psychic newsletter, or to use the guided meditations to get in touch with your own intuition, there are some new free offerings on this site, please check them out!

6/10/2021 Yelp review in person in Santa Fe:

“I found Elissa on line, and saw her this morning. From the very first moments, I felt that I was in deeply intuitive hands. It was clear to me while I was waiting for my session that she was spending time readying herself to meet with me. I could smell incense burning in the other room. After bringing me into the room and seating me at the table, she declined any conversation at all, and being very no-nonsense and focused, she began channeling energy. She got right to the heart of the matter, and frankly, my reading was stunning. Even at the beginning, as she was finding her way into my “space”, I could tell she was getting at something very deep and important to me that was inarticulable. I wasn’t looking to test her for information about things I already know about, and she didn’t mess around with guessing. She just jumped right in and provided me with a great deal of perspective and reassurance about very specific subjects she had no knowledge of. This woman in Santa Fe is the real deal and I will definitely see her again.”

2/24/2021 Yelp Reviews of phone readings:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after listening to Elissa for just a few minutes, I was simply amazed at how accurate she was. After giving me an overview of what she had felt before our meeting, she asked me to just think of something that I wanted clarification on and when I was ready to simply say “yes”. She told me things that were so spot on, that it was a little bit scary, but only a little bit….and I felt so completely calm after our session. Plus she tapes it, so I can go back and listen. I highly recommend Elissa and I will be calling her again.
A friend who I trust, gave me Elissa’s name because she thinks so highly of her, and now I will pass on her name to others. Thank you Elissa!

Yelp Review: “Elissa is a very gifted intuitive and within moments I was in tears, because I could not believe how she immediately verbalized a major, life changing experience that I am still learning to integrate. She went right to the core of my issue immediately, but was also able to communicate this information in a gentle, compassionate way. It was incredibly healing and validating…”

TripAdvisor Review of In-Person Group Session: “We had a great group reading. My mother, sister and I. I liked how she incorporated different ways of doing a reading. It wasn’t just ask a question and get guidance, it was more involved. Using stones, art or just asking a simple question. I chose to have an energy cleansing at the end of the session and that was incredible! I literally could feel blockages leaving my body, I kept getting the shivers. Thank you Elissa! We will be back!”

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. elissa@elissaheyman.com

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